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Optional 3 Graduate Credits from Fitchburg State University

2014 MMSP

An Intensive Immersion Institute 

An Odyssey of Mathematics Grades 7-12+  





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For Teachers with a strong desire to teach Grades 7-12+ Mathematics more effectively
in the Context of the Common Core.

  Free for Massachusetts teachers, 57 PDPs

Optional 3 graduate credits ($275)

July 21-25 2014 (8:00 AM to 3:00 PM)

East Wing Conference Center
Revere High School
101 School Street
Revere, MA


A partnership of
EduTron Corporation

Everett Public Schools
Revere Public Schools

Saugus Public Schools
Massachusetts Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education


Bring your clear mind and a thick notebook—“Going to need both, you are.” This institute provides an intensive mathematics immersion experience by zooming into, and out of, various areas (pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, linear algebra, modeling, etc.) to develop an in-depth and coherent understanding of Common Core mathematics grades 7-12. Stay humble for the authentic Jedi training. Participants will have a chance to experience high-level synthesis (Bird’s view*) as well as empirical problem solving (Frog’s view*). This course will be taught by active research scientists and is ideal for teachers teaching, or preparing students for Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, and beyond. The course models instruction to foster the habits of mind documented in the Mathematical Practice Standards in the Common Core, and explores the topics of ongoing formative assessments, instructional differentiation, multiple representations, a variety of grouping strategies, student misconceptions, and remediation. Participants will practice multi-topic concept mapping, visual explanations, and challenging problems. Come enjoy the synergy derived from working with your cross-grade peers! The presenters, Dr. Andrew Chen, Dr. George Johnston and Prof. Elaine Previte, are experienced Jedi trainers ready to serve you. Are you in?

*“Birds fly high in the air and survey broad vistas of mathematics out to the far horizon. They delight in concepts that unify our thinking and bring together diverse problems from different parts of the landscape. Frogs live in the mud below and see only the flowers that grow nearby. They delight in the details of particular objects, and they solve problems one at a time.” (Freeman Dyson, 2009)

What are past participants saying about similar courses?

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2014 MMSP

An Intensive Immersion Institute 

An Odyssey of Mathematics Grades 7-12+  





  The Institute Experience: Reported by former participants  

The presenters, Dr. Andrew Chen, Dr. George Johnston and Prof. Elaine Previte, are experienced math educators, Intensive Immersion Institutes (I3) instructors, as well as members of the authoring team of the  CLEAR Math program from MIT. Here are sample comments from former participants:    

“The most valuable learning experiences I've had. I went into the course looking forward to gaining content knowledge and reviewing and relearning concepts that I hadn't seen in a while. While this was a huge part of the course, I feel that I got even more out of it pedagogically. The instructors were phenomenal and I learned so much from them in the way that they teach and their methodology. I feel much more confident not only in regards to the content that I teach but also in the way that I hope to teach it. I am excited to get back in the classroom and use the strategies that I've learned here to reach and push and challenge my students to think mathematically.”

“I was forced to really expand my own knowledge and think about problems in both unique and abstract ways.”

“I would describe the Institute as useful, challenging, and welcoming. The problems chosen were challenging for all levels of intelligence. I liked the welcoming and encouraging feeling of asking questions.”

“This institute was the best professional development workshops I have ever experienced. It was challenging without being overwhelming. Mathematics was the common focus, however, it still enhanced and forced me to think about how to teach, why we teach, and connections to be made between math and logical reasoning. It made me think in multiple ways and allowed me to collaborate with peers enhancing my own learning by making me describe/prove my methods on encouraging me to seek out advice/strategies from my peers to get "jump started" or back on track. Andrew Chen's strategies and way of presenting were phenomenal.”

“It made me want to make time for problem solving at the end of chapters that throw the students out of their comfort zones.”

“This course made it very apparent what my strengths and weaknesses were. My goal is to continue to work on my weaknesses. The group work was an awesome experience. It was maximized by working with different people each day. It was beautiful to see everyone helping one another to come up with solutions.”

“I personally came out of the course wanting to learn more, filling in the past, of previously learned subjects. Be prepared to work hard and push yourself, beyond what you think you know.”

“An opportunity to rediscover prior knowledge in exciting and engaging ways while challenging your previously conceived notions of your personal boundaries. It was a challenging but rewarding experience that made me reflect on my mathematical abilities, classroom presentation style, and expectations.”

“It was a safe environment for taking risks and very collegial. Rather than teacher-centered learning, the vast potential of knowledge and motivation was exploited. It was also very efficient. Little time was wasted doing work other than math or talking about math instructions. Overall, the way the course was presented modeled the best practices of math instruction.”

“Excellent! Challenging experience. Absolutely engaged in the learning process- the brain certainly got lots of exercise. I developed more confidence in my own learning that will directly transfer to my teaching. More understanding of the ‘why’ something mathematical happens. I will not be teaching all of the topics presented but the awareness and knowledge gained is critical to my professional development. The collegiality was incredible!!”

“The dynamics of a group can only be explained to someone who has experienced it. It is really exciting to do meaningful analysis of our work in front of people who truly want to understand and deepen their teaching commitment."

“It woke up the math in me. It made me aware of my strengths and weaknesses.” “… like pumping iron or running 7 miles… it was good for me.” “I truly wished every math teacher could experience what I did in this class. I have learned much about myself as a math teacher and as a math student.”

“Wonderful! I would love to take it again! The atmosphere was extremely non-threatening and there was something for everyone. The subject matter was presented in a way which challenged everyone, but there was still the ability for those who did not come with as much knowledge of math to master the fundamentals!”

“I enjoyed the exchange with math teachers on a real math level so much.  Thank you for all that you did to draw out the best in each of us.”

“This institute was the most valuable professional development I have had in my career as a teacher. (Very long career…)”

“This course created “Joyous” learning moments with the great feeling of “break-through” thinking and thought connections and generalized concept development. (Made my “eyes water” several times.) …  I was richly rewarded in this course.”

“This institute provided me with the opportunity to challenge myself mathematically. I enjoyed taking the emphasis off ‘teaching’ and putting it on my individual learning. I learned a great deal from my colleagues and an enormous amount from Andrew and George. I feel re-energized and also that I now have more to offer as a teacher.”



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2014 MMSP

An Intensive Immersion Institute 

An Odyssey of Mathematics Grades 7-12+






Priority for Registration Teachers from high need districts will receive first priority for registration. Mathematics teachers that are not currently licensed in mathematics will receive next priority. Teachers from high need districts are encouraged to participate as a team. Please submit this application only if you can commit to attend all days of the Institute and complete all Institute requirements.