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This culture shift is a journey, and I'm eternally grateful to have begun it with you.”

                          -- A principal, former Institute participant


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An Intensive Immersion Institute in 2019


YODA Training in Mathematics with Andrew Chen

YODA = Your Own District's Asset


  A Special Event for Teachers and Leaders with a strong desire to dramatically improve K-12 Mathematics Education

57 PDPs
Optional 3 Graduate Credits ($285) from Fitchburg State University
Lunch is provided

Two locations and weeks to choose from

Central Office, LPS
155 Merrimack St.
Lowell MA
July 8-12, 2019    8 a.m.-3 p.m.

Marlborough High School
431 Bolton Street
Marlborough MA
July 15-19, 2019    8 a.m.-3 p.m.

 A partnership of
Lowell Public Schools

Marlborough Public Schools

EduTron Corporation


What do Institute veterans think of it?

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YODA Training in Mathematics with Andrew Chen

Intensive Immersion Institute I3 : A Special Institute for Teachers and Leaders with a strong desire to dramatically improve K-12 Mathematics Education

This Institute is designed for those special individuals (or teams) who aspire to drastically improve K-12 math learning culture and outcomes. Come join this intensive, mind-expanding, mind-blowing, and transformative 5-day odyssey with a selected group. Institute veterans endorse it is as a life-changing experience. Serious Fun guaranteed! Invite, or bring along, high power colleagues who will grow into YODA (Your Own District’s Asset) to help others.

What will we do?

Dive deep into critical mathematical contents that are challenging to teach and learn well—by doing math as a student and analyzing it through a teacher’s lens. Surface for air. Then we fly up high in the air and survey broad vistas of K-12 mathematics out to the distant horizon and visualize the progressions and connections. Again, as a student and as a teacher. Repeat the above multiple times. [The mathematics content will span all grade levels and be adjusted to meet participants’ needs.] Experience firsthand “diagnostic teaching” within an eclectic group of participants. Make Standards of Mathematical Practice come alive in the context of immersion in mathematical content, and reflect on how to make explicit to others the related pedagogical implications.


What will you get out of it?

You will be better equipped to help others to:

understand mathematical content profoundly — this underpins all other outcomes that follows,
understand how math topics connect and hence understand expectations in our standards,
understand "what does it take to learn this" and "why do we need to learn this"

change to an open mindset for learning mathematics from “either-you’re-good-at-it-or-you’re-not”,
plan more effective lessons and be flexible in improvising,
fill in more student knowledge gaps—just in time,

motivate more students to want to “beat the game,” level by level, and
improve student retention of newly acquired knowledge and skills.
[Fill in your own additional goals here and come make it happen.]

      You can also choose to get 3 graduate credits from Fitchburg State University (optional).



Who should attend?

Those special individuals (or teams) who aspire to drastically improve K-12 math learning and teaching culture and outcomes in your work. Seriously consider joining the Institute if you work with grades K-12 as a Math Chair, Teacher of Mathematics, Principal, Math Director, Superintendent, Math Coach, Curriculum Director, or Math Leader. We need you here.

Special Offer: Principals, superintendents and school committee members are welcome to come join the Institute for free on any day for any duration. Please email to give us a heads-up a week in advance.

Who is Andrew Chen?

Dr. Andrew Chen was on the Common Core Standards Development Team in Mathematics. He received a PhD in physics from Columbia University. Before founding EduTron he was a physicist at MIT. He is on the Advisory Board of the National Council on Teacher Quality. He is on the Mathematics and Science Advisory Council for the Massachusetts Board of Education. Dr. Chen provides high quality professional development Intensive Immersion Institute (I3) in mathematics and science to teachers at all levels. 

What is Intensive Immersive Institute?

Good question.  Click here

What’s the cost?

It will be $1500 to $1,600 per person, depending on team size, for the 5-day YODA experience. Lunch is provided. Let the journey begin.


“Always pass on what you have learned.”

– Yoda

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What do Institute veterans think of it? 

“In all of the courses I have taken since college, only two (this and one other) have been worth my time in the sense that I learned something new.  Both were content and instruction courses that focused on math.”

“Since spending time with you, we are becoming a community of learners of mathematics, problem-solvers dedicated to building our own and others confidence in (and often, love of) mathematics.  This culture shift is a journey, and I'm eternally grateful to have begun it with you.”

“This course was for ME first of all and secondly for my students who can only benefit from my increased knowledge of mathematical concepts.”

“I would say that it taught me how many of my students must feel when they are trying to learn a new concept - frustrated.  It also made me realize that I knew more than I thought I knew (or remembered). I will also question my students more deeply and allow them to figure things out on their own before jumping in to help.”

“There was clear differentiated instruction in many ways and at every level in the class.  I appreciated the instructors really instructing and covering topics at the students' ability level.”

“I have expanded my content knowledge greatly and will be able to better explain connections to my students. I also can better find where to start w/ a student if they are having trouble.”

“Absolutely wonderful! This has been a great opportunity to be totally immersed in Common Core and become actually engaged in challenging ourselves to think beyond what we teach (whether at a higher or lower level)…”

“It was very challenging, but rewarding. Helped you learn about yourself as a student, which in turn can help you in your own classroom.”

“Excellent! Challenging experience. Absolutely engaged in the learning process- the brain certainly got lots of exercise. I developed more confidence in my own learning that will directly transfer to my teaching. More understanding of the ‘why’ something mathematical happens. I will not be teaching all of the topics presented but the awareness and knowledge gained is critical to my professional development. The collegiality was incredible!!”

“The dynamics of a group can only be explained to someone who has experienced it. It is really exciting to do meaningful analysis of our work in front of people who truly want to understand and deepen their teaching commitment."

“It woke up the math in me. It made me aware of my strengths and weaknesses.” “… like pumping iron or running 7 miles… it was good for me.” “I truly wished every math teacher could experience what I did in this class. I have learned much about myself as a math teacher and as a math student.”

“Wonderful! I would love to take it again! The atmosphere was extremely non-threatening and there was something for everyone. The subject matter was presented in a way which challenged everyone, but there was still the ability for those who did not come with as much knowledge of math to master the fundamentals!”

“I enjoyed the exchange with math teachers on a real math level so much.  Thank you for all that you did to draw out the best in each of us.”

“This institute was the most valuable professional development I have had in my career as a teacher. (Very long career…)”

“This course created “Joyous” learning moments with the great feeling of “break-through” thinking and thought connections and generalized concept development. (Made my “eyes water” several times.) …  I was richly rewarded in this course.”

“This institute provided me with the opportunity to challenge myself mathematically. I enjoyed taking the emphasis off ‘teaching’ and putting it on my individual learning. I learned a great deal from my colleagues and an enormous amount from Andrew and George. I feel re-energized and also that I now have more to offer as a teacher.”


** District-based Intensive Immersion Institute, I3, can fundamentally transform individual teachers and their districts into effective learning machines. Thanks to the chemistry, dynamics, and positive peer pressure fostered in the rigorous, intensive and collegial workshop experience.


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