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What is CLEAR Math?
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CLEARTM Math is designed by MIT scientists and engineers for middle and high school use. It is being developed by expert groups of teachers and math faculty and a continuing collaboration between the EduTron team and college and school teachers, students, and administrators.

CLEARTM Math is a learning resource for Pre-algebra, Algebra I, and Algebra II. It combines active concept explorations, dynamic tutorials, interactive step-by-step practices, applications, and testing in an integrated, intelligent environment. Its imbedded intelligence assesses student competence on a detailed level, reports its findings to the state-of-the-art classroom management system, and remediates students on the fly. Its competence and tirelessness in the areas of concept explorations, tutorials, and practices shift the effective teacher/student ratio closer to 1:1. In addition, it thereby frees teachers to engage in important class and individual instruction.

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Mountain Bike (1 MB)
This applet demonstrates to the student the concept of slope and how it relates to a real-life scenario, namely, the varying slopes of a mountain trail. The student may make an unlimited number of mistakes in the process of investigating different properties of slope. The student uses the slider to adjust the slope of the line on the graph at left to match the slope of the segment of the mountain on which the bicycle is currently located. The student can compare slopes by dragging the line from the graph to the current segment of the mountain. The student enters the slope value above the graph in the text box above the current segment of the mountain.
Mirror, Mirror    (0.2 MB)
This example illustrates various properties of real numbers. The student drags different expressions to the mirror. The reflection in the mirror shows a description of the property that is exemplified by the expression and the form that the expression assumes when the property is applied.

            NEW CLEAR Math information sheet